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Ana Cunya: 5 habits you can adopt RIGHT NOW to get you on a path to beautiful skin


Ana Cunya is an international model with more than 20 years in the field, 2017 winner of the World Swimsuit model search and a certified nutritional coach that specializes in helping women rejuvenate their skin, improve their energy and boost their confidence through personalized body, mind and spiritual nutritional detox programs. 

1- Start your day with 1/2 lemon or lime squeezed into a glass of water

Lemons and limes are amazing cleansers of the liver. During the night, the liver is busy collecting gunk out of your cells and tissues. Drinking lemon water when you wake up may help the process of flushing out these toxic substances from your body more efficient

2- Remove or reduce inflammatory foods

Dairy, Sugar, Gluten and Processed foods are on top of the list when it comes to contributing to skin breakouts and causing inflammation of the skin. 

3- Get enough sleep 

Sleep is regenerative for the body and extremely healing for the skin. Lack of sleep contributes to food cravings and poor food choices during the day. Aim to disconnect from technology and over stimulation an hour or so before bed. Eat 2-3 hrs before bed. I have found that having dinner by 7 pm latest and sleeping by 10 pm most days a powerful tool towards a restful night of sleep 🙌🏻

4- Load up on your favorite fruits

Make it a habit of eating fruit every day. Fruit has properties that restore your liver, revitalize your brain and enhance so many bodily functions. Fruit is best eaten by itself or paired with raw vegetables and leafy greens. Since incorporating a larger volume of fruits into my diet, especially in the morning, my skin, energy and overall health drastically improved. 

5- Sweat

If you do not sweat, your skin becomes congested and toxicity blocks the skin’s oil ducts and exit pores, making the skin dry, scaly and inflamed. Aim to break a sweat daily. I love walking outdoors at a faster pace, nature hikes, saunas and playing sports I enjoy. Find what makes you feel good and go for it daily 🙂

6- Adopt a more natural skincare routine 

The health of your skin is an internal issue NOT an external one. In other words, a healthy body inside means healthy skin outside. With that said, I still think that the right skin care products can do wonders for your skin. When choosing skin care products and cosmetics I favor non-toxic and more natural products and brands.

The EWG Skin Deep database is a great resource when looking for solutions to protect yourself from unwanted chemicals etc. 

Some of my absolute favorite brands include @beautycounter @esse @truebotanicals @illia @rms


Written By: Ana Cunya (@anacunya)

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