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Why you should have the following skincare in your bathroom cupboard..

As the first step in your skin-care routine, a face wash plays a very important role in keeping your skin balanced. Too harsh of a cleanser can strip the skin of natural oils, while a too “bland” cleanser won’t effectively wash away extra sebum and product residue, especially if your complexion leans to be more oily. A good cleanser does no harm; after washing your face, your skin should feel refreshed, not tight, while your pores should feel clear and primed for a serum or moisturizer.

Dry skin types need creamy-moisture-rich face washes or hydrating oil cleansers, while oily and acne-prone types should opt for foam or gel textures, which will rid your skin of any excess oil. Sensitive skin types should use something creamier as to respect your fragile skin by reducing superficial water loss.

As a second step your antioxidant serums are a priority as an essential. Antioxidants are naturally extracted vitamins A, C and E that provide protection against free radical damage. The main antioxidant responsible for brightening your skin is vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid. It helps to replenish dull, tired looking skin by giving it a brighter and healthier appearance. Additionally, vitamin C also provides your skin with deeper levels of hydration and improve collagen production.

Your third step is your moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin will help you to look and feel younger, you will have softer, more elastic skin, and it will keep your skin hydrated. If you are prone to more oily ,acne skin, you can use a moisturiser that has a SPF combined and that brings me to your fourth and final step of the day, your sunscreen.

Our skin works to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is why we should use sunscreen to protect us from damaging UV rays. Even on cloudy rainy days, our skin is susceptible to the sun’s rays which can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and discolouration over time.

Most brands offer several types of sunscreen, so look for “broad spectrum” to make sure you’ve got a product worth buying with at least a SPF of 50. Some sunscreens contain antioxidants or DNA repair properties that help to repair cells.

When you are looking at your night time regime, it can be a little more luxurious than the day. Think Hyaluronic acid serums! It helps to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and boost hydration levels on the surface of the skin. Leaving your skin looking plump. Everyone LOVES that of course!

Then there is your Retinol serums, it exfoliates the skin, increases skin cell turnover, and stimulates collagen synthesis. It is considered the gold standard for its anti-aging benefits. Retinol reduces the breakdown of collagen and thickens the deeper layer of the skin. You start by introducing Retinol serum/ creams 2-3 times a week and gradually increase night after night. You can apply a bland moisturiser 10 min after using your retinol, to help prevent irritation and to hydrate your skin.

If you suffer from puffy eyes in the morning, add an eye cream to your night time regime. A good eye cream will help to improve the crepey, sagging appearance caused by the aging process such as glycation and also relieve some puffiness and dark circles. Look for an eye cream containing these ingredients. Vitamin C, peptides, caffeine, Vit E or and Vit K.

My personal advice, if not on a tight budget to add some Alpha Hydroxy acid products twice a week to get rid of excess dead skin cells and boost skin radiance.

For a custom treatment skin care plan, contact us and learn about getting the most from your skin care products.

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Madri Willemse | Practice Facilitator to Dr Ean Smit Cosmetic Dermatology Centre

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