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Your eyes tell a thousand stories in a split second…

by Maryke Myburgh

Have you noticed that whether you’re smiling, squinting, grimacing or frowning that your eyes are always part of your facial expressions? Tried every possible miracle eye cream on the market, but all seems to be too good to be true to give you a desirable smooth under-eye?

Unfortunately the eye area is one of the first areas on your face to show signs of ageing. The combination of constant movement and paper thin skin leaves the eye area prone to developing wrinkles. These stubborn creases are also caused by sun damage, menopause, smoking, poor facial skin care and genetics. There are, however, many effective treatments to correct and prevent wrinkle formation around the eyes.

What causes under eye wrinkles?

It all comes down to collagen production. As you age, your body loses the ability to produce collagen and elastin proteins. Over time, facial movements and hereditary factors may cause puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkle formation surrounding the eye area. Therefore, it is vital that your skincare regimen includes treatments that encourage production of collagen and strengthen the skin.

What treatment options to you have?

There are many effective treatments that can help diminish crow’s feet and none of them involve surgery. These treatments involve: strengthening the skin, stimulating collagen and relaxing the muscles. An effective topical to use is Retinol as it stimulates collagen. In addition to this, Fractional Laser treatment every so often can help to improve quality of skin and build on collagen formation. The third option is the use of Neurotoxins to relax the muscles surrounding the eye area. This treatment must be repeated every 3-4 months to achieve and maintain optimal results.

Prevention is always the best method of attack.

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