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Sunless tanners and bronzers

Everyone loves a bronzed healthy complexion, especially for those special occasions. A tan can give you that confident boost when wearing your special dress for that special event. It can make you feel slimmer and sexier too. As winter creeps up on us, we are all in that hibernation phase where we cover up our bodies with thick, woollen accessories, but what to do if you need a quick tan?

Sunless tanning products hit the market in the 1980’s and is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. I can still remember my sister and I getting hold of my mother’s self-tanner and waking up with a ghastly smell with brown, uneven streaks on our legs. My mom couldn’t even stand being in the same car with us – we reeked! Self-tanning products/bronzers are allowing one to have fresh and a healthier looking tan all year round. Most of them are safe and easy to apply and people easily get addicted to this kind of look.

How to choose the perfect tanner/bronzer?

Some people have a great touch and apply a self-tanner to perfection, others, like me, need the easiest method in order to not look like an Oros man. Here are some examples of products.

Sunless tanning spray 

You might need some help from someone who can spray your body, or make a stop at a tanning salon or tanning booth. Having this professionally done will leave you with excellent results.

Sunless tanning lotion / foam / mousse

This can easily be applied as you would apply a normal body lotion, the trick is to cover every single inch of your skin as the areas not covered will appear blotchy and pale.

Oil or serum self-tanner

These tanners are often a lot more hydrating and will give you a natural colour as the formulation is usually very light.

Self- tanning wipes

If you are out on a camping trip and need your legs to have a bit more colour – you can easily wipe them with these. Super convenient and easy to use.

Instant bronzer

The most popular look at the moment, as it is easily applied, covers imperfections (such as blemishes on the body), reflects light for a photo-ready finish, gives a natural looking tint that easily washes off after the party is done!

Do your research when deciding on a self-tanner as some contain chemicals that is not safe for your skin. We love bronzers, because they’re super easy to apply, no streaks, no nasty smell and can easily be washed off after your special event.

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