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Three x Two = Beautiful you

The intense heat and constant (not that we are complaining) exposure to the sun can leave your skin dry and your hair brittle. If you’re one of those peeps that enjoy spending a fair amount of time in the water and the wind, you might suffer from chapped lips.

We have a ‘three times two ritual’ that can make all the difference this summer, three treatments twice a week and you’ll be golden.

Number One:Apply a clay mask as soon as you wake up and only wash it off when you go for your shower. We recommend The Body Shop’s Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, this mixture of sea minerals will detoxify and leave your skin feeling calm and refreshed.

Number Two:Make sure you have a good quality lip balm to apply to keep the sensitive skin on your lips hydrated and healthy. We are totally crazy about EOS Coconut Milk.

Number Three:Flax Seed Oil is a great supplement for healthy hair and skin but rubbing the oil into the tips of your hair is also a great treatment for dry, sun exposed hair. Try these great Softgel capsules from GNC, you can pop them as a supplement or cut one or two open to rub into your hair.

If you apply these three rituals, twice weekly your skin and hair will look gorgeous all summer long.

Written by Celest L Nirenstein

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