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The Model Whisperer

Justin Gelband is the man they call “The Model Whisperer” and he is the man behind the bodies of the most recognizable Victoria’s Secret Angels and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. His website describes his unique technique as “a mix of Pilates, Yoga, movement, motion, balance stability, functional training and more.”

At the core of Justin’s training lies the slogan, if you will – No bulking, just long lean muscles and a strong core. It’s not model thin, it’s modelFIT.

As a beginner you will work on your fitness foundation, this full body intro class teaches the basics of the modelFIT Method with circuit training exercises specially designed for your body. It’s a personal training experience in a group atmosphere.

As your fitness builds you will start working on smaller muscle group in the “Sculpt” Classes, Utilizing a series of bands, light weights and sliding disks, this class works your entire body to sculpt your muscles and create structural stability. In this class, you will focus on smaller muscles around your hips, butt, thighs, abs, lower back and arms.

After you have mastered your first two levels you will level up to the “Combo” classes, these classes mix cardio and isometric training for full body conditioning. You will be working at an advanced level that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

This is by no means a cheap route to the perfect body, however if you put in the work you can be sure that this routine will yield the results that you want.

Check out the 
ModelFIT website, the studio is based in NYC.

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