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Mermaid Hair don’t care

Long hot days spent on the beach, golden tans and daiquiris, this is how you know summer has arrived… This summer’s single most important beauty ‘must have’ has to be Mermaid Hair! Mermaids don’t get haircuts and all the minerals in the Ocean water nourish their hair and skin, so they have beautiful, long healthy tresses.

Of course we don’t expect you to turn yourself into a mermaid (See crazy teens on youtube) but we do suggest you try out hair extensions! Hair extensions will add volume and length, to make your hair look healthy and full of life. We love Easihair pro, it’s a simple system that takes under an hour to apply to your hair and best of all is that it’s safe to use on your own hair, as it won’t cause breakage.

The easihair system is gentle on your natural hair because it works through the application of micro-thin nano-wefts that integrate and attach to your hair using medical-grade adhesive. The nano-weft sandwiches your hair between the panels and takes less than an hour to apply. The extensions are re-usable, so before your next colour application your easiLenghts will be removed and re-taped once every 6 – 8 weeks.

With your gorgeous long tresses you’ll be able to put your hair into cascading braids and even play with pops of colour, why not try out a colour bug from Kevin Murphy to create a beautiful colour ombre look, perfect for a summer party!

Having beautiful, full volume, long hair is well within reach even for us landlubbers.

Written by Celest Nirenstein

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