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Your Daily ‘To do’ list

Rituals bring a sense of accomplishment and security to our days and we have a couple of things that we do every day to make sure we are living the healthiest versions of our lives.

Here are some things you can start doing every day to give you a sense of happiness and purpose.

Rise with the sun – People who wake up that little bit earlier tend to be calmer. Can you imagine having an extra hour every day to organise your day before you get started? Make yourself a cup of green tea and sit down in a moment of stillness contemplating your day ahead or use the time to decide what you want to wear that day.

Spend ‘me time” – Enjoy the seemingly mundane moments of your day – whether this ‘me’ moment happens while you are washing your hair in the shower, when you are applying your moisturiser or driving to work for a meeting. Breathe and try to be aware of every single sensory aspect of the moment, what does your skin feel like? What do you smell?

Hydrate – Drink your quota of water! Your body and mind will function optimally if you are properly hydrated. So many of your body’s processes depend on water from digestion to hormones, so drink up!

Get Moving – You should aim to get your heart rate up for at least 30 – 40 minutes every day, even if you only manage to go for a brisk walk this will lower your risk of cardiovascular illnesses and help you to sleep better at night.

Use an SPF – Even if you plan on spending time indoors on a particular day apply an SPF to protect your skin from accumulated photo-damage. Simply exposing your skin to the sun while walking to your car or grabbing a sandwich will cause damage over time, minimize the accumulated damage by being aware of wearing an SPF.

Words: Celest L Nirenstein

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