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Running Apps that we love

Running is great cardiovascular exercise, a sport or pastime popularly adopted around the globe and in this technology obsessed age we live in it is only natural that we would have found a way to connect and catalogue our physical activities to a device.

Smartphones are equipped with built in sensors and this makes your smartphone a great platform for running apps that are able to track your speed, the distance you’ve run, the amount of calories you’ve burn while running as well as mapping your route – And if you’re a statist oriented person, this kind of info would get you hot under the collar!

Here are some of the best apps around:

Runkeeper – This app is available for android and iphones and is free of charge! This app utilizes your phone’s GPS to track all movements, while running or walking and hiking. You will be able to see what distance you’ve travelled and how fast you managed to travel, while allowing you to tag images on the go.

Map My Run – Free on Apple and Android, this app works much the same as Runkeeper using your phone’s GPS to track your progress and speed. This app displays both your current stats as well as your totals at the end of your run.

Runtastic – This app is free on Apple and Android. Like the other two apps, this one also uses your GPS however as an added bonus you can share your run details on your social media platforms and you’ll have access to great training plans!

Endomondo – Endomondo is a fitness app that tracks any distance related activity, so wether you’re running or cycling you can put this guy to use. You can also set goals and work towards them with your “coach”. This app also gives you access to social posting.

Nike+ Running – A personal favourite, track your time and distance and when you feel like you couldn’t possibly run one more step, pump up your power song to get you up that hill!

Written by Celest Nirenstein

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