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The Secret behind Cleansing Oils

Hanging out at the beach and in the sun can take it’s toll on your skin. It seems our skin is constantly changing and sometimes going from oily, to dry, to blotchy, to broken out, and back around again. Naturally, we immediately try to fix it once an issue surfaces, but just end up frustrated after trying every cleanser, toner, wash, and scrub under the sun to remedy the problem. The ideal complexion becomes a fantasy you can’t bring to life as you scour the stores looking for the finest facial cleansers. Your hopes of stopping those pesky breakouts and balancing the fine line between skin that’s too dry or too oily become crushed.

Well, what if I told you oil might be what your skin is really craving? What if I told you all those cleansers and washes that boast “oil-free” as a major selling point are not what your face needs? You see, when using all those endless “oil-free” washes on your face it is actually stripping your face of its natural oils. As a result, your skin goes into turmoil and starts to do damage control. Your skin then overproduces those natural oils that have been so wrongly taken away by your cleansers. This can lead to the very thing you don’t want, excessively oily, moody skin.

Instead of wrecking havoc your poor face with all these cleansers, what you could do is try cleansing oils to wash your face. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “but wait, won’t oil clog my pores?” The answer is, no. As long as you make sure to purchase non-comedogenic oils your pores will be safe to breath and your skin will relax knowing it’s not being cruelly robbed of its essential oils it works so hard to produce. The result will be calm, happy skin that is balancing perfectly between not too oily and not too dry. Pretty great, right?

Follow the links to see what facial cleansing oils will work best with your skin type! Here are some of our favourites:

Written by Leah Wainwright

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