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Salt Water Curls

Managing your mane at the beach or poolside could possibly turn into a slight beauty disaster, which is why we have compiled an arsenal of beachy keen hair tips to help you crack that whip.

  • Ditch the hair band – It you are going to be getting your hair wet, make sure to remove your hairband before waltzing into the ocean. Hair is stronger when it’s wet, that much is true, but you don’t want to be battling to get a hair elastic out of wet hair after your swim, because inevitably your hair will break in the process.
  • Claw clip – There are great Claw clips in amazing bubble gum colours and they are great for keeping your hair out of your face and neck. Since it gets so hot at the beach, your hair also looks great if it dries in the clip, causing natural looking waves and curls.
  • SPF – You may not realize it, but your hair can also get “sunburn”, causing hair to get dry and brittle, especially if your hair is colour treated. Make sure to get your hands on some SPF for hair. Our favourite product to use on shoot is Kerastase Soleil Aqua Seal, not only does this product protect your hair from the elements, it smells beautiful too.
  • Just wear a hat or a head scarf – Not only a great accessory but great protection for your hair and skin. There are loads of hats, caps and head scarfs that look sexy and complete that beach look.

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