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Prolong your sun kissed glow

Whether you are getting your tan from the sun or from the savvy option – a bottle or tube, we’ve got some tips to make the glow last till long after the sun has gone down.

You need to get back to basics and to ensure a long lasting tan it’s important to exfoliate before sun exposure or applying a self-tan product. You need to prepare your skin by sloughing off all the dead skin cells on the surface to create a good canvas for your tan.


“To moisturise is to seal” should be your after-sun mantra. You need to keep your skin from drying out, as soon as skin gets dry it starts shedding skin cells. For real results try a specialist product like a Tan Maximiser, piz buin and 
Lancaster bring out great products.

Top Up
You can gradually extend your tan with a moisturising gradual tanner the effects will not be as obvious as a reapplication of self tan and you will achieve a sun kissed colour minus the sunburn. However if you are hell bent of sun worshipping, load up on sun cream. Even though you have your ‘base’ it will actually help make your tan last longer.


Drink Water
When skin dries out it flakes, so it will shed sooner rather than later. To ensure cells stay hydrated, you need to feed them from the inside as well as from the outside. That means keeping up your water intake, especially in the sun when you lose more water through sweating.

Showering and bathing
Still on the moisturizing tangent swap your shower gel for an oil like Eucerin Bath & Shower Oil, this will seal moisture into your skin. Also avoid using a harsh exfoliating sponge, rather opt for a washcloth which will be gentler on the dark.

Hair removal
Avoid waxing when you’re suntanned, always do you hair removal prep before, and if you’re a shaving kind of girl swap your wet razor with an electric shaver which won’t remove as many surface skin cells (i.e. your top layer of tan).

Pop it
Also taking sun care skin nutrients like the Imedeen Tan Optimizer capsules in conjunction with an SPF during tanning and a short while after will support the skins natural tanning and protection mechanism.

Remember you little beauty
Time ticks on and I know I want to stay young and gorgeous for as long as possible so keep in mind that burning is the ultimate health and tanning no-no. Not only does it increase the risk of skin damage, ageing and skin cancer it will ruin your chances of developing an even and long lasting tan in the short term. Oh and water, did I mention drinking water.


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