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Are you the next Catrinel Marlon?

One of Netsport’s all time favourites – Catrinel Marlon, also known as Catrinel Menghia was first introduced to Alétha by famed Italian photographer Settimio Benedusi from where she went on to feature in the SA Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2006 and on the cover of the 2009 issue. She featured in the inaugural Issue of the World Swimsuit Issue shot in Zanzibar in 2013.

Catrinel Marlon was born in Lasi (Romania) and following in the footsteps of her father, an Olympic champion in the 400 meters hurdles, Catrinel became an athlete before being discovered, at the age of sixteen, by a local modelling agent during a school trip to Bucharest.

After six months she moved to the capital of Romania where she started her career as a model. The Italian-Romanian beauty captured the attention of many major fashion brands including Giorgio Armani and Lise Charmel – and she has recently become the face of Chopard.

Catrinel has recently starred in the films – La Città Ideale directed by Luigi Lo Cascio and Tutti i Rumori Del Mare directed by Federico Brugia – and has also been cast to star in a movie, with look a likes: Penelope Cruz and Sophia Loren.

Her star has never shone brighter … 

Click here to watch Catrinel’s video which has over 260k views on our YouTube channel.

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