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Nadia Araujo

Nadia Araujo is not your average model, and we mean that in just about every sense of the word. When she was just 13 she left the Pearl of the Atlantic (Madeira) with her family and settled in the Big Smoke (London). It was there that she picked up her somewhat posh accent, despite being a South London local and attending what she called a “rough school”. Unlike what seems so many models, Nadia wasn’t “discovered” at her local grocery store or while out with friends – she took the reins and put herself out there. She, along with some classmates, headed over to some agencies to see if they had what it took to be models. As it turned out, she had it in spades! Fast forward a few years, and Nadia has modelled for brands like Adidas, Rimmel, and Kenzo, working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Take a look below, and we’re confident you’ll find it’s all justified! You can follow Nadia on Instagram at

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