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Lauren Bullen

Lauren Bullen, a.k.a.
@Gypsea_Lust, leads the life that most of us only dream of: she makes a living from travelling around the world with her boyfriend, visiting the most exquisite destinations.

Hailing from Northern New South Wales, on the Australian Gold Coast, Lauren lead a pretty normal life before embarking on her new journey, she was a dental assistant who took photographs in her spare time. Her hobby though was quickly helping her attract followers on Instagram, and around the time she broke 16000 followers she secured a job with the local tourism board. It’s been more than a year since that’s happened and she now has over 1 million followers, with the number steadily climbing!

Her feed is the stuff of wanderlust dreams, jumping from the Bahamas, to Indonesia, then to the Philippines, across to Bali, down to Australia, and countless other destinations. Get a taste of her lifestyle below, and give her a follow at

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