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Instagram Crush – Sarah McDaniel

One look into Sarah McDaniel’s mesmerising eyes and you’re hooked. No, really, go look here… we’ll wait. Back? See, told you. The 20-year-old’s different coloured eyes are 100% natural, and are a genetic “abnormality” known as Heterochromia Iridum, or as we like to call it a perfect imperfection.

The California born model came to fame through social media – her Instagram account is just shy of 600k followers – and has since starred in Mark Ronson’s and Kevin Parker’s Summer Breaking and Daffodils. Earlier this year she made headlines as the cover girl for Playboy’s first ever non-nude issue.

Also known as “Krotchy”, she loves nature and it comes through strongly in her Instagram feed. She also often posts artworks she likes, and shares pictures from her travels. Check out the highlights below.

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