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Discovering the best water to ski

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There is nothing quite like that sudden rush of adrenaline as the boat flies forward and you pop up out the water, grappling with the rope and steading your skis to get that sense of balance. And then there is a moment or two of sheer joy as the wind whips past you, spraying a fine mist over your face and edging you on as you veer left to cross the wake.

What happens next is entirely dependent on your level of skill and the how gracious your driver is. A few tight turns or unexpected acceleration to full throttle can send you smacking straight in to the water… but if you do manage to stay on your feet you’ll pick up the tricks of the trade in no time. It’s all about adjusting your weight, ever so slightly as you glide from side to side, and learning when it’s time to take it to the next step – whether that’s pumping up the speed or dropping one ski.

So any flat-ish bit of sea, lake or lagoon will do the trick… but finding that ultimate sweet spot is also not a bad option. A few of our favourites around the world include the following.

Ski Paradise Acapulco in Mexico is ideal if you’re looking for the ultimate water ski vacation. Book a few nights in their luxury villas that combine the old-world charm of a Mediterranean estate with the modern luxury of an elegant resort. You can look forward to fine dining, spa treatments and sun tanning by the pool as well as a few hours out on the water each day.

Swiss Ski School in Clermont, Florida is a full size resort comprising of four custom-made ski lakes with waterfront mediterranean villas surounded by a prisitine 18-hole golf course. Definitely lots to keep you out and about!

South Africa also has an array of lakes that are perfect for water skiing – and a climate to match, with blue skies and hot summer sun for a good two-thirds of the year. The Vaal Dam is just 90-minutes drive south of Johannesburg and is one of South Africa’s most popular water ski venues. Within a two-hour drive from Durban you have incredible options such as Inanda Dam, Albert Falls Nature Reserve, Midmar Dam and Wagendrift Nature Reserve. And Cape Town fans can pencil in a visit to Rondevlei Nature Reserve or Zandvlei Nature Reserve to get their fix. If you’re travelling along the Garden Route be sure to stop at Sedgefield, Knysna, Jeffreys Bay and Wilderness.

Where-ever you end up it’s bound to be a great day out – just lather on that sun screen, stock up on some high energy snacks and ski till your muscles ache and the sun is starting to set on the horizon.

Author: Emma Donovan

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