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Barbeques and beach bonfires

Star lit nights, sparkling fire lights and the strum of guitar. Gathering around a fire, sipping on a drink during summer is all part of the magical vacation experience. There is nothing quite like staring up at the clear skies and listening to the calming noise of the ocean with your toes firmly planted in the sand. The smoldering smoke smell from the barbeque sends you back in time, as you find yourself reminiscing about your favourite backyard party with friends.

All you need to complete a backyard barbeque atmosphere is fairy lights hanging in trees, accompanied by the sound of Budapest playing on your docking station. While you catch up with friends about their holiday shenanigans, make sure you take time out to unwind, have a drink and indulge in a spread of good food.

So what culinary barbeque storm should you be cooking up? Simple is always better. If you try to accomplish something too fancy you might spend your entire evening prepping for the night. Keep everything finger food friendly. So what are you going to pop on the grill? Tomato and mozzarella skewers smothered in basil oil for appetizers. Next up, juicy marinated baby back ribs with a basting sauce, paired with grilled corn on the cob topped with jalapeno lime and parmesan cheese. For a fresh salad idea, create an apple & poppy seed coleslaw and serve in small tubs. Last but not least, what’s for dessert? Let’s keep everything on the grill – so opt for mini Chocolate Cherry Ricotta pizzas.

To ensure your backyard barbeque is authentic, opt for the typical American inspired red plastic cups to serve your punch in. Something fresh and light for such an occasion is ideal, so mix together some homemade lemonade, ginger beer and add splash of vodka.

You want to be as laid back as possible, so let the outfit follow suit. Casual jean shorts and a white tee, paired with a turquoise necklace and brown sandals should do the trick. Comb your hair back into a bun to keep out the smell of smoke and to make your entire outfit ensemble a bit more chic.

A beach bonfire will follow a similar type of theme, except prepare yourself for plenty of drinks, sweet summer melodies and very little eating. Bonfires on the beach are much more of a party vibe than a barbeque, so bring along a pack of marshmallows to roast on the fire. If you feel like dressing up a bit for the occasion, put on a flowing summer frock and dab on a bit of red lipstick.

Now that you are fully prepared for both occasions this summer, all you have to do is gather the troops and hold thumbs for a prefect wind-free, sunny day.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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