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Top five summer date ideas

The Notebook has pretty much set the standard on romance. Every girl now dreams of being swooped off her feet and kissed in the pouring rain or rowed out on a lake in between the ducks. Competing with love stories like this is a difficult feat. However summer should be filled with making memories and finding someone special to share those memories with. Here is some inspiration for date ideas this summer.

1. Design your own signature cocktail – summer is best paired with a thirst quenching chilled cocktail. Everybody has their own favourite cocktail that they love to indulge in. Take your other half to an intimate bar setting and create the perfect couples’ cocktail. All you need is a little bit of creativity and some room for trial and error, which will usually involve tasting more cocktails than you expected! The best thing about this date is that it will definitely lead to a constant flow of conversation.

2. Star gazing on the beach – escape from the city lights and journey to a secluded beach. Cuddle up with a glass of wine, toss a warm blanket out and make an attempt at guessing what all the star constellations are. Coming up with your own names for the constellations is half the fun.

3. Dance class – first things first, bring your partner over to watch Dirty Dancing on the couch the night before taking on this challenge. When embarking on this physical activity it’s best to imagine Patrick Swayze, the epitome of steaminess, and use him as inspiration for the dance class. So take your partner in a close embrace and let him lead you in the tango. Consider this class part of the training to cultivate the most romantic guy.

4. Miniature Golf – the best part about this date idea is that it will involve copious amounts of laughter. Most ladies aren’t exactly golf pros, so chances are the ball will be hit out of the putting course. It allows guys the chance to teach you something, even if you are capable of playing. The point is merely to be in close contact when he is ‘teaching’ you. If this is a first date, an activity like this will take away the awkwardness of small talk.

5. Surfing – every guy’s dream is to have his girlfriend walk out of the ocean with a surfboard in hand. So throw on your bikini and go for a dip in the ocean with someone special. Imagine the thrill of the sea wind blowing through your hair, you and your partner trying to balance and riding a long board to the ocean bank. This is the ultimate bonding experience, mostly because you need to depend on each other to make sure you catch the perfect wave. If you turn out to be a clumsy surfer that bails on every try, look forward to rolling in the sand together when you wash up on the shore.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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