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Top summer reads by Jojo Moyes

There is nothing quite like tucking in to a best seller from your favourite author as you ease in to a summer holiday. Whether it’s lounging on a deckchair on the beach or under the dappled shade of a tree in your garden – it’s a rare treat that ought to be savoured and enjoyed.

I stumbled across The Last Letter from your Lover by Jojo Moyes on a friend’s bookshelf one lazy afternoon, and after reading a sentence or two decided it would be the perfect fit for my upcoming summer break in the African bush. Two days later I had devoured the entire thing and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her next book!

It’s about two women from different generations and their stories of passion, adultery and loss. The tales become intertwined following the discovery of love letters and an intricate web of communication and emotion.

So when I returned to civilisation and could access my next fix from Amazon, I opted for Moyes’ most famous novel – Me before You. This one is a beautiful, raw and heart-wrenching story about love, loss and determination. The fact that it was selected as the winner of the Richard & Judy Galaxy Bookclub Spring 2012 award and has sold over three million copies worldwide is testament to its success.

Her most recent novel, The One Plus One, is another one for your holiday list – it’s a captivating and unconventional romance, set amidst a chaotic family in a small town. Each chapter is written from the viewpoint of a different person in the story, and it’s amazing how effortlessly she can switch from being a little girl or a troubled teenager to a mother or man going through a mid-life crisis.

Without giving too much of the stories away it’s fair to say that Moyes really is an incredibly gifted writer, with an impressive command of the English language, an effortless writing style and the ability to create characters that feel like old friends in no time. Read up on all her books at and download the one that appeals most for your next vacation.

Author: Emma Donovan

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