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Summer Festival Checklist

Summer and festivals are inseparable once the spectacular and activity filled season comes around. Whether it’s Rocking the Daisies in South Africa or Coachella in America, it’s all about the hype and memories you make while dancing the night away under the summer stars. So once you have bought those tickets to the array of festivals on offer, next on the agenda is the checklist to get you through the days of staying up late, enjoying a couple of drinks and listening to your favourite artists with friends.

Most summer festivals entail going away for the weekend or the night, and this usually involves roughing it up for the stay. So make sure you pack some camping chairs, the tent – and the tent poles – not that much sleeping will actually occur.

Now that accommodation is sorted, you need to think about what food to bring and what drinks to pack for the adventure. You don’t want to spend all your money on buying food from food trucks, when you could pack food to last the entire trip. So fill a bag with homemade sandwiches, crisps, some fruit and plenty of water. If you are allowed to bring drinks into the venue, fill a cooler box with ice, some lemonade and vodka and pour them into juice bottles as the days go by.

Now, the most important part, what to wear and what look to pull off. A common feature while running around music festival grounds, is hippies wearing flower crowns and bohemians flowing dresses. There is no such thing as ridiculous outfits at these occasions, rather go big and throw on something you usually wouldn’t wear. Essential fashion items to bring along include: cowboy boots, a backpack, a large summer hat and high wasted shorts. As fashionable as you might want to be, try and wear comfortable sneakers or boots that will allow for plenty of frolicking and dancing. To avoid the glare, pair your outfit with some wayfarers. Summer festivals in the UK often come hand-in-hand with a few light showers, so always bring a waterproof jacket and gumboots to be safe.

Makeup is just as important as the outfit, you don’t want to layer on the base for the day, so rather dab on some sun screen, red lipstick and mascara. Music festivals usually involve plenty of head bashing and fist pumping, so avoid wearing too much jewellery and wear your hair loose, so you can whip it back and forth.

All you need to do now is squeeze all your belongings, along with some friends into a car, make a playlist and enjoy the journey.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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