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Planning an extravagant pool party

It’s hard to beat lying back on a lilo basking in the sun, with a refreshing mojito in hand, surrounded by friends and the perfect summer song playing in the background. The key to throwing the ultimate and most extravagant pool party is to make a splash. Make a list of every possible thing that reminds you of summer and infuse it with a day in the sun with your friends, swimming in the pool.

It’s best to plan every detail of the day, so that when it comes around you can sit back, relax and unwind. First on the agenda is to decide what your guests will eat and drink to get through the fun filled day. Finger foods are always best, however rather opt for something more delectable and memorable than plain sandwiches and crisps. Keep it light, varied and delicious: bacon and feta bite size quiches are a must; fruit skewers – layered with slices of strawberry, apples and mangos; deep fried chilli poppers with a sweet chilli dip and mini corn cakes with smoked salmon and dill crème fraiche.

Now the best part of the party, what to sip on to quench the thirst and keep you partying throughout the day. If you’re catering for both the ladies and guys, the simplest option is to create a large punch for everyone to enjoy. A blackberry mojito punch involves mixing together some blackberry juice, frozen mojito mix, some soda water, white rum, sliced limes, a packet of frozen blackberries and topped off with some mint leaves. For those who aren’t huge fans of the party punch, purchase a small blow up pool, fill it with ice and throw in some beers and ciders so people can just grab drinks when ever need be.

The next part to the extravagant line up, is to create the perfect summer playlist. Make sure to include some old school classics from The Beatles, as well as a few songs from Milky Chance and The Lumineers. Creating the perfect atmosphere and setting to party should include some décor as well, so choose a theme you want to stick to. Some great theme ideas to keep it fun and festive are a Mexican Fiesta or a Hawaiian luau. If the party is likley to carry on until all hours of the night, wrap some fairy lights around trees and have solar lanterns placed strategically around the pool area to avoid any clumsy moments.

Now slip on that bathing suit, throw on a summer dress and enjoy the carefree summer day.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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