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Three Italian style summer wines

Italy oh Italy… pizzas, pastas, scooters, fashion, men (tall, dark and passionate), screams and laughter, beauty and elegance; and yes, Hollywood did this to us. These are the stereotypical images and ideas that enter our mind when we think of Italy, or more specifically, the Italians. Hollywood wasn’t far off; it is a great place indeed, and the perfect place to spend a holiday. Wine and olives, bread, cured meats and cheese – a life fit for a king and queen!

If Italy is part of your bucket-list-checklist, try not to be the average tourist when you go. Are you really going to remember the day you saw David in Florence, or the overly expensive gondola ride in Venice? That is for your fifties, right now you need to experience the real deal, the locals, the Italians. That said, a pizza slice will cure the hunger, but, and excuse the cliché, life is too short to drink bad wine.

Take the lead at supper and order any of these summer style wines, which should fit the summer menu perfectly.

Pinot Grigio is probably the most recognisable Italian white wine around the world. It is produced predominantly in the north-eastern parts of Italy, and the name comes from the grape pinot gris. Pinot Grigio is a very light, refreshing, crisp white wine with a slight lemon flavour and a nutty undertone. It pairs very well with seafood and chicken dishes as well as cheeses and light pastas with a non-acidic base.

Prosecco is the Italian sparkling wine. One never needs an excuse to celebrate, but when in Italy, cheers to that!

The name derived from an Italian village called Prosecco. It is believed that the grape originated there, but Prosecco is in fact produced in the regions of Veneto.

It is a slightly less expensive substitute for French champagne, but also dry in taste with a citrus undertone. Served chilled with a light seafood dish or fresh summer salad.

If you are a red wine lover,
Frappato, a red grape variety primarily planted in Sicilia, is the perfect red for a summer time sip. Frappato is light-bodied and refreshing. Definitely served chilled and paired with light seafood dishes, sushi or salads.

With a good glass of wine in hand, an Italian on your left, the sun on your skin and a view to kill, one would understand the love for a
high heeled boot, even if just on the map.

Author: Chrizanda Botha 

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