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Happy Hour in Barbuda

An escape to this tropical island is made complete by pairing it with the perfect drink. Barbuda is a fairly secluded and underdeveloped island, so cocktails made on the island have a truly authentic islander feel. Drinks are predominantly made with freshly squeezed juice from delicious fruit grown on the island. Going to a grocery store and buying fruit in abundance is not a possibility, so local islanders stir up some creativity for each concoction using the available ingredients.

If you are wanting to soak up the sun, with a view of the crystal clear ocean waters and an ice chilled drink, Barbuda is the ideal place to do so. The Caribbean islands have adopted a few signature drinks along the years, which visitors are usually more than happy to enjoy.

Mango Margarita is a fruity drink with just about anything in it and is delicious on a hot summer day. Imagine combining your favourite bitter margarita with a splash of sweet mango juice… potentially pretty lethal, so before you tuck into this cocktail, come prepared and know what you are in for. The recipe typically includes squeezed orange juice, a drop of lime juice, a potent, yet perfect amount of tequila, orange flavoured liqueur for an extra kick and the finishing touch of some crushed ice, all tossed in a blender. The end result is a smoothie like goodness.

For those who want the local taste of the island, try the
Antigua smile. This drink was initially created for locals, due to heaps of pineapples that were being harvested. The blend is the perfect zesty combination. The rather simple, yet classic cocktail consists of pineapple juice, original English Harbour Caribbean rum and crème de banane (a banana flavoured liqueur). Mix in some ice, a squeeze of orange juice and garnish it off with a cherry. The drink will not only look good in your vast number of holiday photos, but it will be the perfect way to end off a relaxing day.

The crowning hot spot in Barbuda to have a drink, if wanting a change of scenery from your hotel bar, is River Beach Bar and Grill. The bar is acclaimed for its rustic setting, complemented with good food and homemade drinks.

Barbuda boasts a wide variety of small, quaint cocktail bars and restaurants. Some at a first glance might not look like much, however you can be safely assured that their thirst quenching drinks will be something truly memorable.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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