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Three Series To Binge Watch This Summer

Summer is filled with an abundance of activities and late nights out; and as fun as it is, it can become quite exhausting. So take a couple of days this holiday to sit back and relax with friends, cuddle up on the couch and have a series marathon. These three series are all about life in New York and groups of friends. Each series season finale will leave you in suspense and wanting more. So be sure to stock up on the treats, and make a full day out of it.


Almost no other series comes close to bringing about as much hysterical laughter as this hit TV show. Friends became part of a generation – it is hilarious, light hearted and most definitely relatable. Everyone has a friend that reminds them of Rachel or Phoebe, and everyone seems to go through the same relationship dramas Monica and Chandler faced. The show, which focuses on the triumphs and troubles of six young people living in Manhattan, first aired in 1994 and continued to run for another 10 years. It was one of the most talked about series, with woman even flocking to hairdressers with pictures of Rachel to try and mimic her hair styles. So get the tissues ready and gather a group of girlfriends – see if you can get through the entire 10 seasons in one summer!

Sex and the City

Fashion, relationships and life as a young, desirable New Yorker, Sex and the City is another classic that will have you in stiches due to the complete ridiculousness of Samantha Jones. With her crude jokes and bizarre statements, she is the clown of the entire series. The TV show focuses on the glamorous lives of four bachelorettes, who shop at the trendiest stores and eat at the most exclusive restaurants and bistros. The movie is the ultimate guide for a tourist in New York, with scenes shot in every typical New York hotspot. Carrie Bradshaw, the main character and sometimes the narrator of the series, has the ultimate dream job. Bradshaw is a columnist for Vogue as well as a novelist; she attends the classiest events, where she has constant run-ins with the hunkiest men. If you ever need some style inspiration for a night out on the town, be sure to gather some fashion tips from this monumental series. So get that bottle of champagne ready and dress up to watch this fantastic series.

How I met your mother

Finding a series for men and woman to binge watch together is a difficult challenge, but HIMYM hits the spot with eccentric humour that appeals to both sexes. The series starts out in the year 2030, where Ted Mosby is back tracking on life and telling his two kids the story of how he met their mother. The story goes back to 2005 and Ted elaborates on his friendships with Aunt Robin, Uncle Barney, Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall. Barney is Ted’s womanizing friend, who refers to himself as a pickup artist. The character of Barney is a priceless human being who thrives off being single. After watching the show you can’t help but make use of the comical quotes. So get that pen and paper ready to jot down some laughable sayings.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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