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The perfect place to hang a hammock

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to take your relaxation to the next level, don’t discount the humble hammock. Not only has it been tested over a thousand years, dating back to the Mayans of South America, but the modern hammock provides an ergonomic alternative to the cold hard ground.

So dash those misconceptions that hammocks are uncomfortable and easy to fall out of and use these few tips to make sure you’re a hammock master.

  • String up your hammock with enough sag, about 30° each side should do the trick.
  • Lie diagonally. This will naturally suspend your weight instead of turning you into a human banana.
  • Enter and exit in a seated position, you will be more stable this way and prevent a close encounter with mother earth.

The best thing about a hammock though, is where you can put it. And as the adage goes, the sky’s the limit. Hammocks aren’t limited to the span between two palm trees on a beach in Belize or the Bahamas, but in so far as places go, those two are definitely some of the best. Not much can compare to returning from a dip in the cool blue ocean to relax and snooze for the afternoon in your brightly coloured hammock.

A great alternative to pitching a tent when out camping or hiking, a hammock with a bit of insulation underneath can also provide you with one of the best night’s sleep. Even better you will be raised up away from all of the creepy crawlies that live on the floor in your campsite. If you have access to only one tree, just park your car nearby and use one of the door pillars to secure the other side.

If, however, you are not lucky enough to be beaching it or on holiday at all for that matter, your trusty hammock can provide you with a place to relax after a hectic week at the office and it’s versatile enough to hang just about anywhere at home.

Look out for a shady spot under a tree in the garden, where you can disappear into a great book or just have an afternoon nap. Others use a portable frame or drill some anchor points into the walls on their balcony.

Hammocks, wherever you are, are an underrated source of relaxation and comfort and they are the perfect accompaniment to your own special form of paradise, even if it is only in your imagination.

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