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Pimms and Polo

Fast and furious galloping, large extravagant hats and an atmosphere of style and luxury… the excursion of going to watch a polo match really is one filled with thrill and excitement. The sport involves mallets hitting each other and the ball flying through the air. The excitement comes from selecting the perfect attire for the day, whether to go bold and bright or subtle and elegant.

Here is a brief overview of a polo event to get you through the day like a pro:

The first thing to understand when attending a polo match is the rules of the sport itself – you want to be as prepared as possible. The main objective of this equestrian sport is to move the ball down the field with a mallet, in order to hit it through the goal. Each polo match lasts for two hours and is divided into six time periods called chukkas. During half time women and men, stilettos and laughs in tow, participate in the tradition called divot stomping.

Although most spectators aren’t fully involved in the sport itself, arriving at a polo event is similar to that of arriving at the Oscars, where the outfit is almost more important than the event itself. When glancing around a polo event you can feel and see the enthusiasm people have in their outfits. Women adorning stunning headpieces and flaunting floral prints sip on Pimms cocktails infused with fruit; and men arrive suited and booted, with an almost old school feel.

Enjoying a summer day watching the polo is such an activity-filled and spectacular occasion. Polo, otherwise known as the Sport of Kings, is a chance to rub shoulders with either the ridiculously rich or royal. So spending those bucks and sitting in the VIP section can be a worthwhile event. That aside, going to sit on the general public lawns is just as entertaining. Bring an umbrella, beach chair and picnic basket and watch the polo in the midst of all the action. The perfect Pimms cocktail recipe to enjoy while watching from the side lines needs to have plenty of Pimms, a dash of lemonade and ginger ale and top it off with fresh strawberries.

So whether you enjoy the polo on the lawns with the crowds or choose to socialise in the VIP lounge on the pavilion, come dressed to impress and ready to delight in the grand tradition of the sport.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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