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Hold onto Summer with Fall Florals

The theme of World Swimsuit is “forever summer” and while it’s always summer somewhere it unfortunately means it’s also always winter somewhere. The last little hope we have before winter consumes our summer shine and replaces it with cold and snow, is fall. Fall offers a mix of days that range from warm and sunny to chilly and brisk. For those who prefer summer it’s hard to hold on to summer when it seems so far away as winter creeps in on us. Thankfully, we’ve got all these new fall florals to help you hold onto summer and take it with you into fall.

Florals are normally bright, bold, and reserved for the first day of summer. At the end of the summer we pack our dresses away with all their cheer into the back of our closets with a heavy feeling of sadness, a temporary break-up. Fortunately, this year designers and retailers have picked up a new trend, fall florals. Instead of bright neons and perky pastels that would look awkward to wear against a backdrop of amber, red, and orange colored autumn leaves, there are now florals to match the fall setting.

Instead, leggings, dresses and tops are hitting the racks with a vintage feel featuring a variety of deep greens, pinks, and creams. The looks can take you from a casual stroll in the park to a night on the town. Those little black dresses are now little black dresses with soft deep florals.

So don’t give up on the joy and cheer florals bring just yet, hold on to the spirit of summer and carry it with you into the colder months with these fall florals. 

Written by Leah Wainwright

Images by H&M, Free People and Forever 21 websites

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