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Bikini Struggles: Stripes vs Prints

For almost as long as there have bikinis, there have been two camps: stripes and prints. Yes, solid, one-colour bikinis have always been around, but that’s discussion for another day. The battle between stripes and prints has been raging for as long as we’ve been going to the beach, but which is better? Will there ever be a winner?

The short answer is, of course, no. Choosing bikinis, like all types of clothing and swimwear particularly, is an intensely personal exercise. All kinds of factors come into play, individual taste and style, body shape and size, age and inclination to flaunt, etc. Then of course there’s the mix ‘n’ match camp, miss-matching stripes with prints with solids to create your own unique interpretation. 

However, if you’re still stuck between choosing a playful print or stylish stripes, look no further than the latest from the world’s celebrities – where bikinis are part of the daily wardrobe 365 days a year. At the moment, the trends seem to be leaning towards prints…

Made in Chelsea star, Louise Thompson, sizzles in a pink leopard print bikini. 

Alessandra Ambrosio is cool by the pool in popsicle print. 

Danay Garcia, star of Prison Break and Fear the Walking Dead, keeping it classy with zig-zagging stripes. 

Emily Ratajkowski soaking up the Santorini sun in floral print bikini. 

Singer, songwriter and actress, Pixie Lott (left), in a playful nautical number. 

And another one of Alessandra Ambrosio, in a super-fun mix-match print. 

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