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Happy Hour Bali Style

Imagining yourself sipping a cocktail on a beach in Bali has to be one of the most iconic relaxation techniques. But if you really were lucky enough to land yourself on a beach in Bali – what would you be drinking while lying on the hot sand?

Balinese cocktails have a few characteristics that make them unique. Most of them are fruity, keeping within the island theme, and contain coconut, honey or lime.

There are some very interesting spirits made on the islands too. Arak, known as the local spirit of Bali, is a colourless rum-like liquor distilled from rice or palm sap, or sometimes sugarcane. Arak is used in various ways on the island, from a way to ward off evil at religious ceremonies, to a drink of choice for local men, and obviously to make delicious cocktails for tourists to enjoy. A word of warning though, if it’s not brewed correctly Arak can contain methanol, making the drink potentially fatal. So it is strongly suggested to only buy or drink Arak from reputable resorts and bars.

That being said, the “Arak Madu” is a classic Balinese cocktail and also known as “the poor man’s margarita.” Shake or stir a few locally found ingredients together – Arak, lime juice, honey and water – and drink up for a refreshing taste of local flavour. There are a few variations of this signature cocktail, with locals adding extras such as basil, chilli and orange flavours to add a little zest.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, try something made with Bali Moon, a range of flavoured liqueurs specific to Bali. The locals have mastered the art of mixing the different flavours – think pineapple, banana, coconut or even coffee – with complimentary flavours to make exotic sounding cocktails like the Cosmic Colada and the Planet Melon.

Whatever you decide to drink, there’s no doubt that you’ll be making memories while sipping your cocktail at sunset on a beach in Bali… or at least dreaming about it will keep you happy in the mean time.

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