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Cliff Jumping – A Beginners Guide

The sea wind blows through your hair, you take a couple of steps forward to the edge and it’s time for the adrenaline pumping extreme sport to begin.

Cliff jumping has become a hot favourite amongst adventurous travellers – as there’s nothing quite like the thrill of jumping off a cliff with nothing attached, free falling till you plunge in to the water.

The craziness of the sport lies in the fact that you can do it just about anywhere you want. But to keep out of harm’s way when embarking on the daredevil jump, make sure to follow these tips:

  • First things first, the art of cliff jumping requires you to actually be capable of jumping. So go to your local pool, take a walk onto the diving board and dive as far as you possibly can.
  • Once you have conquered this activity, you’re ready to find an appropriate place to take the first leap.
  • Most cliff jumping hotspots are checked by local authorities to ensure they are safe; however if you are planning to be a bit more risky and find your own cliff jumping hide out, ensure you have checked the landing to make sure it’s deep enough.
  • You also need to make sure the riptides are not too strong if you are jumping into the sea – as you most certainly do not want to become a cast away.
  • Once you’ve ticked these boxes on your checklist, the next thing to master is the technique of jumping.
  • Always jump feet first and hold your body as still as possible, and make sure your board shorts or bikini is tied on tight enough!
  • Walk to the edge of the cliff and grip your feet around the edge, catapult yourself off and enjoy the trip down.

Three top cliff jump spots:

  • Negril, Jamaica – a common advertisement around Jamaica is to dine and dive, with restaurants dotted along cliff edges in this area.
  • Santorini Island, Greece – enjoy cliff jumping at sunset in this beautiful spot. With enough depth, most of the cliffs off Santorini Island are good for beginners.
  • South Point Cliffs, Hawaii – as one of the original cliff jumping hotspots, this spot has gorgeous views and nice warm water.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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