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Beach bag musts

Striking a balance between comfy, stylish and practical is first on the list for a beach day; and this applies to everything from your outfit to your beach bag, and all the little goodies inside.

Luckily the outfit is usually pretty straightforward… a pretty bikini under a loose summer dress, stylish sunglasses and your favourite Havaianas. Picking a beach bag is something that requires a little more thought however.

You can’t go wrong with the classic sailor look, with wide blue and white stripes in a thick, durable cotton. Another gorgeous option is to select one with a more rustic, woven fabric in a neutral tone that will match everything and anything you wear. Either way, make sure it has more than one compartment so that you can keep sunscreen and sand away from your phone and sunglasses when you venture in to the water for a dip!

When it comes to what’s in the bag, try to limit it to the bare essentials. If we had to narrow it down to five must haves, the first thing on the list would be:

  • A giant beach towel or sarong. Opt for a good quality fabric and fun summer colours so you stand out from the crowd.
  • A bottle of ice-cold water with a few mint leaves or slices of lime thrown in is a non-negotiable. Staying hydrated is key if you want to muster up the energy to party the night away after a day in the sun. It also saves you from trekking over to the nearest café or bar when you get thirsty.
  • A waterproof, high SPF factor sunscreen is another thing you can’t afford to go without. It’s a good idea to lather it on before you leave home or your holiday pad to give it time to sink in and avoid the sand sticking to you.
  • A comfy pair of shorts is also a great idea if you want to go exploring or get stuck in to a round of volleyball or beach bats. Make sure you pick a pair in a light fabric that won’t crease and will dry off easily.
  • And last but not least is an easy summer read – whether it’s your favourite glossy magazine or the latest romance novel that’s flying off the shelves – there is nothing better than reading a chapter or two between naps and swims in the sea.

Once you’ve got the bag and the all of the essentials that go into it, you’re ready to hit the beach for a day of sun, sea and sand.

Author: Emma Donovan

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