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Best Beach Sports

There is nothing better than heading to the beach for the day without a care in the world and a beach bag packed to the brim with snacks, fruit, water, a good book and of course some sporty things. Our top picks include:

  • Bats and a ball
  • A Frisbee
  • A Waboba
  • And, if you have space, a volleyball ball and net

This should be enough to keep you entertained between the tanning sessions, swims and cocktails!

One of the greatest games of all, one for all ages, shapes and degrees of hand-eye coordination, is beach bats. It originated as early as the 13
th century and although incredibly simple and easy, it’s enjoyable, therapeutic, never boring and can even be a good workout.

Another popular one that only requires two people is Frisbee. The Frisbee originated as a simple cake-pan in 1938 and years later this flat, plate-like disc can still provide hours of entertainment. Unfortunately no matter how much you play, it is impossible to be consistently good! It can also escalate into ultimate Frisbee, which is a little more hectic and tends to more of a contact sport.

The more modern, new-age Waboba is also a winner, although for this it is better to wander into the water until you are waist-deep and skim the ball across it to your partner in crime. Please note: if you feel your arm almost coming out of your socket every time you throw it, you are doing it right!

For bigger groups your options are endless. Volleyball is a great one although it promises a serious next-day stiffness and it’s not easy to look like one of those professional volleyball girls with the tight bums, six-packs and graceful dives into the sand! Don’t let this deter you though, a good spike or serve every now and then makes it all worth it!

Beach cricket is always a hit and you don’t even need a cricket bat – just a log or stick of some kind, in fact the more oddly shaped the more challenging and interesting the game. French or regular options are both good fun.

Finally there is good old touch rugby/ tag for the more adventurous beach goers. No tackling is involved just a “gentle” tap and the opponent must release the ball. Lots of running and definitely the most active of all of the above.

No matter which sport you choose I do advise a secure, substantial bikini to ensure peak performance!

Author: Lexi Kate

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