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The sexiest lingerie video this side of the Sahara

This sexy video starts off featuring a blood-red vintage car with what can only be described as a gym class of models driven in to the desert by film writer and director Penelope Cruz. The ladies spill onto the desert scene and start doing a series of seductive workouts, much to the trauma, disbelief and confused delight of stranded male model Jon Kortajarena.

Poor stranded, dehydrated Jon claws his way across the desert floor and as he reaches the sexy, aerobics dancing cluster of lingerie clad models the girls tease Jon to within an inch of his life, pouring the water he desperately needs for survival all over their lingerie-clad bodies. Does Jon survive this cruel ordeal? You’ll need to watch the full video to find out… But in the meantime enjoy the teaser.

Is it hot in here or is it just us?

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