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The ultimate picnic basket

Hmmm… What to do with this gorgeous summer day? Sitting in dappled shade under a tree in your garden, venturing down to the beach with an umbrella, or going on a little hike, could all work… but the essential ingredient to all three is packing the most spectacular and indulgent picnic basket. Deciding what to pack in this basket can almost become like stuffing belongings into Mary Poppins’s handbag: the list almost seems endless. So why not keep it simple, and occasion ready? Here are some of our favourite choices for two different occasions:

A romantic Date With Your Other Half – Destination: A Wine Estate Garden

Most important and not to be forgotten is the accompanying picnic blanket to avoid ticklish grass, sand or little crawling creatures. Make sure it is big enough for the two of you to share.

Inside the basket:

  • Chilled champagne – you can’t go wrong with this one
  • A bottle of water to accompany the champagne
  • Brie, camembert, crackers, figs and a mini board
  • A selection of salami and ham
  • Bread – make sure it is already sliced prior to avoid the awkwardness of the bread being too hard to cut
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Plates, knives, napkins and plastic bags

A Group Outing With Family Or Friends – Destination: The Beach

Once again remembering to bring the picnic blanket along, one big enough for the entire entourage this time! Also remember to bring an umbrella to block the sun.

Inside the basket:

  • Watermelon – sliced beforehand to avoid it falling in the sand
  • Water and juice, beer and cider – keep it simple and drink out the bottle
  • Homemade ham and cheese sandwiches in sealed packets – or pop down to the local deli if you’re in full holiday mode
  • Carrot slices with hummus – a healthy snack when you need a nibble
  • Chocolate Brownies – there is bound to be someone with a sweet tooth
  • Plastic Bags – ideal for stuffing everything in to when you leave

As long as packing a picnic basket is spontaneous and fun you can’t really go wrong – just think about where you will be going and what kinds of foods will suit the occasion. And always add in a treat or two, whether its strawberries, chocolate brownies or a small stereo box – but make sure to add that element of surprise.

Written by – Ashleigh Butterworth

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