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The art of a summer fling

Sunshine, cocktails and strolls on the beach… the only thing missing is someone to share it with. As much as I love QT with friends, there is something about the excitement, intimacy and fleeting nature of a holiday fling that gets me every time.

The golden rule is not to go looking for it. If you’re sun-kissed, happy and up for a good time then it won’t take long for you to meet your match. Also make sure you’re open to meeting someone a little out of your comfort zone, or different from your usual type. You can have an absolute ball and you’re bound to learn something from the experience. Who really cares if it could work in ‘real life’ anyway.

The next thing on the summer fling check list is to avoid over thinking things – keep it light-hearted and fun – and try not to fall head-over-heels in love if you know there’s an end date in sight! That said, there is no point in keeping things superficial either, so find the balance that feels right and go for it… the cliché
you only live once is a cliché for a reason.

So as you’re building up that summer tan, lazing on the beach with a G&T in hand, just think back to some of the best dates you’ve had, and what makes them stand out. Don’t fall into the trap of chatting about the mundane details of every day life… find out what makes your potential fling tick, what you both love doing, and why you were drawn to the same little slice of paradise for some summer fun. Keep your favourite BB cream, mascara and lip gloss close at hand, and you’ll be ready for that spontaneous bite to eat, beach party or night on the town with Mr Right-now.

Written by – Emma Donovan

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