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Five things to remember when you get to the beach

The beach, a place for so many to go and relax. However, the beach has some stresses. These could all be alleviated if we made certain that everyone maintained some decorum as they take their sandals off to let their toes sink into the white beach sand that so many of us crave.

Keep your sand to yourself – While we know that you don’t want to take that sandy towel to the car, we don’t want to unnecessarily taste your sand, you understand? “Shake it like a polaroid picture” died with the Black Eyed Peas, so don’t.

Kids at the beach – We love children, all children and even strange children but we think its best that parents look after their own children. Specifically at a place that has so many dangers. Many adults fear the ocean, for good reason, so make certain that you look after you children.

Oh sir – Choosing swimwear can be a torrid task for anyone, thankfully some people take more time to choose something a little more appropriate. Wear something that doesn’t only flatter you, but your age too.

Puppy Love – Although we sometimes assume our pets are the loveliest, it’s best we realise that not everyone is a puppy person. Keep an eye on the little guys to maintain some decorum on the beach with the beastly people who don’t enjoy dogs.

Dubstep is lovely, but… – Music has a time and place, and we know how important a good tune is to make summer happen, but try what you can to make certain that you keep your music to yourself, unless it’s Taylor Swift – everyone loves Taylor Swift, right? 

Written by Dale Ferreira

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