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Top Activities That You Should Try When You Visit A New Country

Visiting a new country for the first time is an exciting moment, but one that can be frightening at the same time. However, with a bit of research on the web and by reading travel guides before landing in your destination country, you can have a great idea about what to expect. It may not all go according to plan, but it’s always good to have some expectations on things you want to do while you are there. If you’ve landed on this article because you’re planning a trip abroad and wondering what things would be worth trying when visiting a new country, here’s a list for you.


When visiting a new country, people often prioritize seeing the main attractions first and tend to neglect to take some time off just for themselves. While booking tons of activities when traveling is important, stepping into a spa or wellness center falls under those personal moments that one should not miss if he/she decides on having a short trip. Going to a spa is the ideal way of taking a break from your usual daily life and simply relaxing. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, you will still be able to get yourself ready for the next day on your itinerary which usually involves more exploring and sightseeing.

Spas can offer a wide variety of services such as massages, pedicures, manicures, seaweed baths, and body polishes. Some spas even have special pools with warm spring water where one can float around while recovering from jet lag or soaking up some local culture in the area. Especially if you’re traveling in Asia, a visit to a traditional Japanese sento bathhouse might be something that should not be missed.


One of the best ways to get into the local culture is to eat as ‘locals’ do. This includes sampling as much food as possible and not limiting yourself only to dishes that you’ve eaten before at home or in restaurants. You can also ask your hotel’s concierge desk for a restaurant recommendation, especially if you’re looking for places where locals frequent and dine regularly. Most hotels will have a list of trusted restaurants nearby which one can use as a general guide on eating out during his/her stay in the area.

Another important thing about trying local foods is learning more about the health benefits of certain ingredients commonly found in those cuisine types. Asia’s dishes are known for containing ginger which has been used since ancient times as a treatment for motion sickness. In Mexico, lime juice is often added to dishes as it’s been found to prevent fat from being absorbed by the intestine which could contribute to weight gain. Even if you’re not trying those dishes just yet, at least you will have some knowledge on what ingredients are good for your health and how they can benefit you.


It could be a challenge already going upstairs or walking around a city with your luggage after a long flight but wouldn’t it feel great to have accomplished something amazing once everything has been set down? For those who like adrenaline rushes and want something different out of their trip, why not go ahead and climb one (or several) mountains while setting foot in a new country? You can do some pre-planning and research on the internet as there are plenty of mountain climbing options available if you’re traveling to pretty much any place around the world. This could be a great way for you to see your destination city from another perspective, relax your mind after having spent too much time indoors during an urban trip, or simply conquer another challenge that will surely make you feel accomplished!


One of the classic bucket list items for travelers is to go solo for once at least. If you’ve been to several places with friends or family members, try exploring a new area alone without their company this time. It’s good because it tests how capable you are in terms of doing things by yourself, being resourceful, and simply not needing anyone’s assistance. Traveling solo also offers several benefits such as lots of time to yourself where you can do whatever you want to do without too much influence from other people.


If you love shopping then there’s no doubt that visiting a market is something you should try when traveling to a new country. By visiting markets, you get to see the best prices that locals might not even know of. Markets are also good places for people watching, taking photos, or just simply relaxing while experiencing local cuisine and food stalls which typically offer interesting delicacies at attractive rates. There are plenty of activities that you can do whenever you visit a new country if only you have the mindset and heart to experience different cultures in a vibrant and lively way. The important thing is knowing what you want in terms of your holiday trips, budgeting accordingly, and taking advantage of opportunities when they arrive so no matter where in the world you go next, there will always be something unforgettable waiting for you!

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