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What To Wear/Bring On A Summer Vacation Of Your Choosing

Preparing for a vacation could get overwhelming for some, it is possible to get too excited and forget the necessary clothes you need to take along. For this reason, this article aims to point out some of the things you’ll need to wear during your stay at an island destination of your choosing.


When you travel, you’re not just going to sit in your hotel room all day long. It is expected that you tour your destination. Hence, it would be best to get sunglasses to protect your eyes.

There are different shapes and types of sunglasses. You should pick one that suits your face perfectly. For example, if you have a square-shaped face, you should go for round glasses.

Lucky if your face happens to be oval-shaped, different sizes and shapes of eyeglasses will fit you easily.


Going to the beach requires one to have the proper attire. It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming or not; you should be adequately dressed. Hence, put a swimsuit on the list of items when purchasing different brands of clothes to take to your Mykonos vacation.


The best footwear to use on a beach is slippers or sandals (of course, flat sandals for ladies). It will be strange to see a woman walking on a beach with very high heels or a man with corporate shoes.


Although this does not directly relate to accessories or fashion and clothing, it is still important to mention it. The ozone layer protecting the earth from harmful sun rays is constantly depleting, making it necessary to protect your skin.

Sunscreen will not only protect you from premature skin aging or wrinkling but will also fight facial discoloration. It helps in preventing skin cancer also.

Thirty minutes before stepping out, make sure you put on at least an ounce of sunscreen over your body.


If your summer destination has a beach, you have to prepare and plan for some fun beach activities. Whether you’re a football lover, volleyball, or maybe you love cycling close to the beach, always be prepared to get your fun activities going once you land.

While we’re at it, how about taking a bottle of wine, or making some cocktails to accompany you, as you soak up the sun. But lest we forget, PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY! 


Here are just some of the things you need for your trip in this article. You may need more to be at full comfort. Hence, take time to prepare before leaving. Nevertheless, you can also shop for necessary items at your destination for some gifts for yourself or people back home.

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