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One Of Africa’s Must-Visit Destinations; Tofo Beach, Mozambique

If you are a beach lover and have always wanted to visit Mozambique, but have wondered if there are any beaches, well wonder no more! Visit Tofo, a coastal town in southeastern Mozambique. This island is known for its curved Tofo Beach and nearby coral reefs. Manta rays circle at Manta Reef, a well-known “cleaning station” that attracts small fish that feed on the parasites and debris that the rays shed. Dolphins, whale sharks, and migratory humpback whales also swim in the Indian Ocean off the coast. Barra Beach, an eight-kilometer stretch of sand and clear water awaits you in Tofo, Mozambique, to the north. The area is great for beach-lovers and sand-folk, as well as divers and fishermen.

Good to know: If you’re keen on surfing or fly fishing, the quieter beach of Tofino is your best bet.

Image Courtesy: @tofomozambique

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