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AYANA Resort And Spa, BALI

Image Courtesy: @limetravel @hoommagazine

The Ayana Resort and Spa is known for its amazing sunsets at its Rock Bar and impresses with a 98-ft pool perched on an oceanfront cliff. You will be spoilt for choice among 19 restaurants and bars, 12 pools, and countless other diversions. At Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali, the sun is always shining and it’s “forever summer” all day. There’s nothing more relaxing than pools with nature’s finest views don’t you think? 😎 The buildings range from traditional Balinese bales with thatched roofs to sleek, elegant spaces with European design influences, all set amidst tropical greenery dotted with tranquil ponds and bright blooms. So who would you bring for a swim?


Image Courtesy @rimbajimbaran




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