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World Meet Mala Bryan’s Bundle Of Joy

We are on a roll with melting hearts for Mala Bryan’s newborn baby! Mala Bryan, a fashion model, entrepreneur, and the creator of @malavilledolls has been a model for most of her life and as such, has been in various campaigns, playing the role of a mother, and now, she gets to hold her little human in her arms. On the 1st of April, Mala shared the first pictures of her big belly bump, with the caption that said 

  • “I spent the last half of 2020 training for a new job position, it was an amazing experience and on my birthday February 5th, 2021, I was blessed with an amazing promotion to add to my resume. I’ve been blessed with an amazing new boss and can’t wait to share this new adventure with all of you.

On the 4th of April, Mala finally shared to her feed, the images of her super adorable baby Luca😍. Referencing her baby as her own Easter bunny, Mala wrote

  • “So I didn’t know what the first this I would buy for my baby so I bought some yarn and crafted some bunnies and hats for him. So here’s my baby Luca, my very own Easter bunny here to wish you all a happy Easter. 🐰

We are over the moon with this news, and we know what a great mother Mala is going to be.

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