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Stephanie Peterson

With over 270k followers on Instagram, Stephanie Peterson has arrived, and in more ways than one. Stephanie is represented by the prestigious Wilhelmina modeling agency. Peterson, who spends most of her time in a bikini, brings a unique blend of radiance, mystery, and allure to her photoshoots and countless fashion campaigns, including the Famous brand, GUESS. There’s also a hint of danger involved when soaking in Stephanie Peterson at work: Stare too long and risk getting lost in some Inception­-like dreamscape where time seems to stand still; dare look away and risk a case of whiplash, the gravitational pull of her beauty impossible to escape. Spend any time at Peterson’s feed and, and you might just be obsessed as we are with this jaw-dropper. Have a look-see at some of her feed.

Image Courtesy: @stephaniempeterson

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