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Getting Your Beach Body Back With Genevieve Morton!

Every one of us wants to look super good and fit as a fiddle. We all browse through the internet, scan every possible source of information to discover what we all need to obtain that desired anatomy. Well, don’t look too far, because as it turns out, our models are quite determined to keep our bodies in Shape! The sexiest, most attractive, suave model, Genevieve Morton is fronting a fitness/workout program, called B2Bbody, solely determined to keep those beach bodies in shape. Have you ever noticed that you feel a surge of confidence about yourself on days when you look in the mirror and think you look good? You feel a surge of confidence and tend to have a great day? We are loving this new program because the confidence we gain, knowing that we look physically appealing allows us to tackle our day’s work with a more positive state of mind. In one of her posts, Genevieve says:) 

“I’m having a LOT of fun working on @b2bbody – the last few years I’ve worked on many projects that brought me way more headaches than joy. It’s Wildly freeing to be doing something that feels right.”

Let’s join Genevieve on this healthy-path she is leading us, we promise, you won’t regret this!

Image Courtesy: @b2bbody


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