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#WorldSwimsuit2018 Day 7: Touring Koh Samui with Soa, Tamaryn and Michelle

Today we went on a real tour of Koh Samui! It started with our earliest call time yet: 4:30am. We needed to be out and on the road so that we could be ready to roll as soon as that first light hit the island. There are few feelings as great as waking up each morning and falling more and more involve with a place. Even a crack of dawn wake up call is completely bearable, if not pleasurable. The same things applies to our models. As they relax into being in front of the camera with us, we fall more and more in love with them.

Coming from Madagascar initially, Soa has an exquisite, exotic look that works well on camera and especially in swimwear. We can’t wait to show you her final shots!

We also took Miss South Africa, Tamaryn Green, out with us for the day so she could experience more of the island. We were really proud to see her and Michelle get their hands dirty for a beach clean up after noticing how much plastic has been left on some of Koh Samui’s beaches. If each of us had the sensibility they do, to clean up where we can, we’d go a long way in preserving our oceans from the fate they currently face.

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