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#WorldSwimsuit2018 Day 5: One week down

We’re meant to be on “island time” but when you have a world-class magazine to produce, there is no such thing. Every crew member is working around the clock to do their part but that being said, we couldn’t ask for a better environment to do it in. Looking at the weather report, rain was predicted for almost every day we’d be here but we have been treated to the most perfect Thai weather. Hot, sunny days with dramatic, punch-packing clouds on the horizon for sunrise and sunset, and no rain. Touch wood!

Day 5 was spent with Model Search Wild Card winner, Monster Energy Girl and blonde bombshell, Amber Konahos, on the beach and in another magnificent villa overlooking the bay in front of The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui

P.S. Last night, Mariana Fernandes went with a small crew to a massive Muay Thai fight in town for her first shoot for #WorldSwimsuit2018. We don’t have any behind the scenes footage from that so you’ll need to pick up a copy of the magazine when it comes out to see those hot shots wink  

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