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World Swimsuit/News /#WorldSwimsuit Day 3: From the stillness of The Ritz-Carlton to the bustle of Chaweng


#WorldSwimsuit Day 3: From the stillness of The Ritz-Carlton to the bustle of Chaweng

Our first shoot of day 3 took us to one of the extraordinarily beautiful and luxurious villas at the very top of the hill above the The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui. The kind of villa where the flow from the bed, through the lounge, and out to the infinity pool that overlooks the ocean, is seamless, and you can just imagine what a pleasure it would be to wake up there every morning. The shoot featured our sexy Serbian Model Search winner, Sanja Stojanovic. 

We’ve been blessed with some exceptional weather so far this week (touch wood) so the sky was all blue and the sun was out in full force. A little shout-out to Piz Buin for kitting out the whole crew with sun protection. We’d be burnt to a crisp without you!

Later in the day we headed out to the bustling neighbourhood of Chaweng with Rosette, which was a crazy contrast from our morning shoot. We did most of our shooting in the vibrant bar and restaurant lined street, which was incredibly exciting and created quite a stir. We are so looking forward to showing you Jacques’ final shots but for now, our behind the scenes photos will have to do.

Swimwear and destination wear featured today includes Roxy, Koko da Kota, Havvy, Gabrielle, Janine D Couture, Beryl Dingemans, Sea Folly and Laya Swim.

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