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#WorldSwimsuit2018 Day 2: Rosette Mcwana

We had our first 5am wake up call, and while it is never easy on the first attempt when your body clock is still adjusting and the beds are so damn comfortable at The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui, it is always a pleasure to experience a tropical destination at sunrise. The team was on the road by 6am and out to Fisherman’s Village, a nearby district that is dedicated to going shopping, getting massages and enjoying cocktails on the beach. The quintessential Thailand trio.

Today was all about the exceptionally beautiful Rosette Ncwana so here are some behind the scenes shots from our day out with her…

World Swimsuit Recommends: Coco Tams, a relaxing little beach bar on Bophut Beach in Koh Samui. 

For those of you who are after one thing and one thing only, that being new swimwear for Summer, the first bikini featured here is by Roxy, the full piece is by H&M and lastly, that gorgeous yellow ensemble is Mustard Karoo from Beachcult’s new Mystic Karoo collection. And those cool white sandals are from our World Swimsuit 2018 partner, Ipanema.

Tune in again tomorrow for more from the making of #WorldSwimsuit2018! And remember to follow us @worldswimsuit on Instagram to see more behind-the-scenes moments.

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