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Michelle Forsyth

Like we haven’t made enough exciting announcements for this year’s World Swimsuit Magazine 2018 shoot…we bring you more exciting news about this year’s shoot.

Joining the team this year is none other Michelle Forsyth.

She is back by popular demand. Having been featured on the 2010 and 2011 issues, Michelle (then Oosthuizen) is amongst the favorites for World Swimsuit Fans and crew.

Click here to see Michelle’s video shot for World Swimsuit in Mauritius in the year 2010.

Michelle has achieved so much over the recent years, from being featured on the popular fashion online store Spree to advertising German’s famous shoe brand Deichmann SE.

She has done campaigns for Mustang Jeans and Gap. Resourceful and ambitious, Michelle has made her name for herself, with her face splashed on the pages and covers of top Fashion Magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Maxi.

Is it any wonder Michelle has returned for yet another issue of your favorite Swimsuit Magazine?

Take a look at these stunning shots courtesy of @icemodelscpt

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