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Lauren Lich

Our Fresh Face today is the beautiful Lauren Lich who received over 47000 votes in the World Swimsuit Model Search 2018. We had a chat with her to find out more about her and her modelling career.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Lauren Alexandra Lich, I’m 17 years old and grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, a small but growing city with heaps of character. If I could describe myself in three words, they would be passionate, energetic, and unique because of a variety of things including, a love for cartoons, movies, music, and drawing. My other interests include theater, acting, cooking, singing and art (of all genres). I’ve been a swimmer on my High School swim team and growing up, I tried karate and track. My favorite subject in school is history, I love to learn about the stories our planet tells. Interestingly enough, when I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian, so I memorized all dog breeds, dog anatomy, and animal planet was my go to station. This is probably why I have such a strong love for dogs and all kinds of animals. In fact, I think sharks are cute, no question. I’m a Sagittarius, which is pretty on point. For some reason, I have an addiction to sunsets and bathing suits. Our planet and helping to preserve and protect it are very important to me. When it comes to work, I am honest, fun and dedicated and I love to travel and enjoy learning about culture and having new experiences. Believe it or not, I’ve been bullied and know what it is like to be an outcast because of being different, but I realized that being different is more than okay. It’s what makes a person special.

What do your family and friends call you?

My name is Lauren Alexandra Lich, however, my friends call me Low. To my family, I’m Lauren and Lauren Alexandra, if I’m in trouble.

Where is your home town?

St. Petersburg, FL is home for me located on a kind of miniature peninsula on the west coast of Florida. It’s located on the Gulf of Mexico, so our beaches are nice and the water is warm, all year long. Downtown St. Petersburg is where I live and it is super eclectic and very cool. There are large murals on nearly every building and on Saturdays, there is an amazing morning market with local artists, street performers, and delicious local food vendors. When I was a freshman in high school, I would take the downtown trolley to the beach and back nearly every weekend.

Where do you currently live?

St. Petersburg, FL is my current home, but Miami Beach is quickly becoming a very necessary second home as I continue working my way up in the fashion industry. When home, I am working to complete my senior year in high school while at the same time beginning my freshman year of college through a dual enrollment program offered to seniors in Florida who achieve and maintain a high G.P.A. One day I hope to travel the world while experiencing many different cultures and traditions, but I will never forget what I was taught as a kid from St. Pete.

How many years have you been modeling?

When I was little I always loved playing dress-up and posing around the house and Middle school was rough for me and I was really in a low place with my confidence and insecurities. So, at 12, I entered one of those modeling and acting competitions at the local shopping mall. That was my first experience on the runway, doing a photo shoot, and singing in front of a huge crowd. It made me feel so much better about myself. Just After that, I was approached in the mall a second time when I decided I wanted to pursue this craft. My family allowed me to enrol in the Barbizon school for modeling and acting and that is where I built my strength and confidence. Barbizon gave me that opportunity and I have been a working model for almost 5 years … and I can say every year, it just gets better and better.

What are the most notable brands you worked with?

Every brand I’ve worked with has been different and unique in their own way. From the crew, to the set, to the merchandise … they all hold a special place in my heart. Those brands include, Schiaparelli, Altar’d State, Ivory Ella, Bealls, Shore Brands, the Salvador Dali Museum, the St. Petersburg – Clearwater Tourism Board and a Beef O’Brady’s commercial and I hope to work for many more great brands in the future!

What inspired you to enter the World Swimsuit model search?

My mother agent, Marc Tucher, from Revolution Rebels suggested I enter the model search to gain some exposure and possibly begin building a relationship with World Swimsuit. My agency in Miami, DAS supported this idea as well, but since I am still 17 (until Nov), we didn’t expect to get much attention, but we were hopeful it could lead into something down the road. However, the support and love produced by this opportunity has been incredible and the Teamwork has been incredible, it’s like a dream!

How did you manage to receive over 47,000 votes – that is quite an achievement!

What started out as a grass roots effort to get to a thousand votes turned into something very special and I am absolutely humbled to what ended up to be a very dedicated, loving, and determined network of people all over the world, determined to get us to 50K votes by the end of July and we almost made it. As soon as I entered the competition, I told my family and asked as many of my friends to vote as possible, then I posted on my Instagram story regularly about the competition to encourage others to vote. My dad shared the information with his friends and those people shared my page with their friends and so on it went. The amount of people sharing and encouraging each other to vote for this competition makes me speechless. The support and complete love we have received from this event will stay with me forever. People were so dedicated that they were voting every hour of the day for months. There would be voting competitions in the comments of the posts we shared to see who could vote the most in a day’s time. People were jumping onto the Wi-Fi from passing buses to vote. The excitement from seeing the numbers go from 100 to 500 to 1000 kept us going … we became one big voting family!

What is next for Lauren Lich?

This past March, I signed with DAS-Miami, an amazing agency with an amazingly talented team. They are incredible at what they do and how they teach a young model to be better. That said, I turn 18 in November and with a new year added to my age, comes new blessings. My manager, Anton says there are many exciting things in store for us and I hope to continue working as much as possible, to learn more about this industry, and to grow into the person I am meant to be. I’d love to follow my passion and interests by developing my own YouTube channel. My goal is to show people, it’s OK to be yourself and it’s okay to embrace what makes us different or weird. It’s what makes us unique.

What is the most interesting thing in your life?

Since I was a little girl, I grew up around Shriners Hospitals for Children. My Dad’s a Shriner and I’ve been lucky enough to grow up around such caring and selfless people. They take care of kids for free … and since the East-West Shrine college all-star football game is played St. Petersburg, I go and support it with my family, every year. My favorite part is hearing the patient’s stories and seeing their smiles while attending the game and its festivities. Fundraising for Shriners Hospitals for Children is important to me and growing up in this environment has helped me understand the challenges we all face in life and how some are much more difficult than others.

Other awards and accolades:

National Honor Society, English Honor Society and a recipient of the Maria Edmonds Hispanic Scholar Award.

Social Medias Links for Lauren

– TWITTER: lichlauren

– INSTAGRAM: laurenlich

– FACEBOOK: Lauren

all images are courtesy of Lauren’s Instagram page 


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